Beyond Meat: The Beyond Burger

We’ve reviewed the Impossible Burger on this blog, but it’s not available in grocery stores, only in select restaurants. And it’s delicious, though we were sad to learn that in order to create this plant-based burger, the company resorted to animal testing.

Still, many vegan — and especially non-vegan — restaurants offer the Impossible Burger, and many offer the Beyond Burger as well. And the great news about the Beyond Burger is that you can buy it (in the meat section of the grocery) and prepare it yourself.

We adapted a recipe from the Wicked Healthy Vegan Cookbook to prepare our burgers — but of course you can prepare this burger any way you’d prepare a “normal” burger. And while we haven’t yet tried it on the grill, it would grill wonderfully (and quickly).

Our adapted recipe included sesame seeds, Field Roast CHAO cheese in tomato cayenneChipotle Vegenaise, and a few other fixings. The burgers take only a few minutes to “cook” — really, they just need to be heated — and even when they are done they have a slightly red look to them (from beets — the main source of protein in this burger is from peas), which helps replicate the look of a “real” burger.

Among our tasters, this ties with the Impossible Burger for pure awesomeness (and this one wins the tie for those who have issues with the animal testing of the Impossible Burger). The taste is very authentic, despite being 100 percent plant-based, and the tasters who formerly loved burgers are smitten. We’ve even spoken with omnivores who agree that this burger is an amazing alternative; not only does it taste like the real thing to them, but it’s healthier for the body and far less destructive to the environment (learn more here). And, of course , it’s completely cruelty-free.

We all highly recommend The Beyond Burger as the best veggie burger ever invented — especially for those who may need to feed omnivores. If there is a more authentic-tasting (and looking) veggie burger out there, we have yet to meet it.