CoYo Chocolate Yogurt

I’ve so enjoyed the other flavors of CoYo coconut-milk yogurt (especially vanilla bean) that I thought the chocolate variety would be the best of all (what isn’t made better with the addition of chocolate?).

However, I was surprised to be so disappointed in this flavor. For one, there is little discernible chocolate flavor — it has a hint of cacao, but it’s on the bitter side, not the sweet chocolatey flavor I expected. Expectations aside, CoYo does deliver what it promises: The website reads: “We’ve combined cacao, apple juice and coconut nectar with our creamy natural yogurt … Not too sweet and not too strong.” This is true — it’s definitely not sweet, and the chocolate flavor is definitely not strong. It is, like CoYo’s other products, rich and creamy (a huge step above some of the watery coconut-milk yogurts we’ve tried).

If you are interested in yogurt with robust flavors other than coconut, CoYo may not the brand for you — and this chocolate flavor is my least favorite of CoYo’s offerings. But if you love texture and the taste of coconut, the vanilla bean flavor is hard to beat for a thick, smooth, delicious vegan yogurt.