Violife Cream Cheese

Having sampled a few delicious Violife cheeses recently (imported from Portland), we were thrilled to find Violife cream cheese on the shelf of one of our local groceries.

Based in Greece, Violife has been making 100% vegan, non-dairy, non GMO foods since the 1990s, and these amazing products are now available in the U.S. (Click here for a list of products.)

We’ve sampled a great many vegan cream cheeses over the years, and while some are pretty good, not one can compare to this Violife cream cheese. It is the only vegan cream cheese that actually tastes exactly like the real thing. Best of all, it’s absolutely perfect in the plain variety (most other vegan cream cheeses are better with flavors like jalapeño).

Many vegan cream cheeses — even the good ones — tend to be either slightly sweet or a bit chalky. But Violife’s cream cheese has the exact flavor of “real” cream cheese, though its texture is slightly less thick and creamy. Still, it’s close enough — it goes on smooth and is wonderful on a bagel; it would probably be excellent in recipes, too.

Violife’s cream cheeses come in other flavors — including herb, chili pepper, and gorgonzola — and we hope our local stories will carry every last one of them. If you haven’t found Violife products at your local stores yet, request them: You’ll be very glad you did.