Häagen-Dazs Dark Chocolate Crunchy Peanut Butter

We’ve known about the new Häagen-Dazs non-dairy line, but this is the first time we’ve tried it (naturally, we waited until midwinter — but in fact it’s never too cold for ice cream). Häagen-Dazs has six non-dairy flavors and two non-dairy bars — so there’s a lot to try! We began with Dark Chocolate Crunchy Peanut … Read more

Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffees

After enjoying Califia Farms’ drinking yogurt, we decided to try the company’s cold brew coffees, which come in many flavors and are all made with dairy-free milks. The first one we tried was salted caramel, which was good: very rich and creamy, with a nice balance of salt and sweet. It’s made with almond milk, … Read more

Miyoko’s Vegan MOZZ & Pizza

I’ve been on a mission to craft a decent pizza. Vegan, naturally, but I’ve struggled with pretty much everything along the way: the crust, toppings, and getting the pizza to slide into the oven without folding over onto itself into some disfigured calzone. But I’m happy to report that cheese is no longer a problem. … Read more

Innofoods Coconut Clusters

It was fun to find this gigantic bag of vegan coconut clusters at Costco (where we’d also discovered Hippeas). It’s hard to decide what’s better — the discovery of this snack, or the fact that there’s another organic vegan snack food available at Costco. This snack is best for serious coconut people; the coconut flavor … Read more

Beyond Meat: Beyond Sausage Hot Italian

If you like the Beyond Sausage Original and also like a bit of spice, the Hot Italian variety is for you. Like the Beyond Sausage Original, you’ll find it in the meat section of the grocery store (currently available at Whole Foods), and indeed this product looks very pork-like in the package.  Thanks to the … Read more

Beyond Meat: Beyond Sausage Original

Beyond Meat is well known for being something both carnivores and vegans can agree on. This original style sausage is sure to be among one of those things. Now available nationwide at Whole Foods, this sausage is a brat-sized, very authentic plant-based meat product, and like the Beyond Burger, you’ll find it in the meat … Read more

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