Beyond Meat: Beyond Sausage Hot Italian

If you like the Beyond Sausage Original and also like a bit of spice, the Hot Italian variety is for you.

Like the Beyond Sausage Original, you’ll find it in the meat section of the grocery store (currently available at Whole Foods), and indeed this product looks very pork-like in the package.  Thanks to the outer casing, made of alginate (derived from algae), these sausages also sizzle and crisp in the pan.  The “meat” (primarily from pea protein) is juicy and very authentic, and these sausages are just as delicious as the Beyond Sausage Original style, only with a bit more heat.

I’d definitely recommend these for grilling, or for any occasion in which you need to mix in a little hot sausage (a tofu scramble, a casserole). But they are delicious enough to eat on their own (we went for a bit of mustard) and are sure to win over omnivores as well as vegans.