Miyoko’s Vegan MOZZ & Pizza

I’ve been on a mission to craft a decent pizza.

Vegan, naturally, but I’ve struggled with pretty much everything along the way: the crust, toppings, and getting the pizza to slide into the oven without folding over onto itself into some disfigured calzone.

But I’m happy to report that cheese is no longer a problem. I tried the MOZZ from Miyoko’s and, after a surprise inspection from our cat, I had no problem shredding it and applying it to the pizza.

Gideon conducting his surprise inspection.

And after about 15 minutes at 425 degrees, here you go…

Mmmm. Cheezy.

The cheese tasted like, well, cheese.

As for my homemade crust, that remains a work in progress. I’m getting closer, but it’s still not crispy enough.

But I do recommend Miyoko’s MOZZ for your pizza adventures.