Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffees

After enjoying Califia Farms’ drinking yogurt, we decided to try the company’s cold brew coffees, which come in many flavors and are all made with dairy-free milks.

The first one we tried was salted caramel, which was good: very rich and creamy, with a nice balance of salt and sweet. It’s made with almond milk, and while it does have added sugar, at 9 grams per serving (plus caffeine!), it’s much less sugary than the yogurt.

The mocha noir flavor  boasts 105 milligrams of caffeine, plus chocolate, and this one was even better: rich, thick, and creamy, with a strong mocha flavor.

For coffee lovers, Califia offers myriad other varieties of cold brew coffees: In addition to these two terrific flavors, the company has XX Espresso, Triple Shot, Black & White, Pure Black, Pumpkin Spice Latte (though this may be seasonal), and its newest flavor, Ginger Snap Latte. There is truly something for everyone; see the website for more information, and check out the fridge at your local grocer!