Miyoko’s Vegan Roadhouse Biergarten Garlic Chive

In addition to the Roadhouse Cheddar, we also found Roadhouse Biergarten Garlic Chive locally — and we have to say, it’s even better than the regular cheddar version. This one has all the rich, lovely cheddar flavor of the regular “Cheers to Cheddah” version but with garlic and chive for extra zing. This flavor isn’t … Read more

Häagen-Dazs Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

A snowy winter day seems like the perfect time to post about ice cream. In our continued enjoyment of Häagen-Dazs non-dairy ice cream, we sampled Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge. Like the other Häagen-Dazs non-dairy flavor we’ve sampled so far, this one is delicious: creamy, with the crunch of chocolate throughout, and not unlike frozen peanut … Read more

My Journey Off the Eaten Path

Vegans, to paraphrase Robert Frost, take the path less traveled by. So I found the name of this new brand Off the Eaten Path completely appropriate. I tried the Veggie Crisps and am pleased to report that they are my new favorite snack. I have tended to avoid rice crisps in the past, largely because … Read more

Miyoko’s Vegan Roadhouse Cheddar

It was amazing to find this Roadhouse Cheddar at our local grocery, especially because the last few times we tried to order it online, it had been sold out. First, we have to say one of the best things about Miyoko’s is that all of the products have the word VEGAN right on the package. … Read more

Archer Farms Vanilla Cake & Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Target’s brand Archer Farms has several non-dairy ice creams available, and we sampled the irresistibly named Vanilla Cake & Cookie Dough. And this vegan ice cream is irresistible indeed, with unbelievable sweetness (it’s that vanilla cake), and marble-sized balls of cookie dough, and crispy swirls of fudge in just about every bite. This ice cream … Read more

Beyond Meat Beyond Beef Crumbles

As fans of the Beyond Burger we were glad to find these faux beef crumbles in our local grocery. We planned a Mexican-food feast using these crumbles (they come frozen and should not be defrosted or microwaved), which are described as providing “a beefy kick for any ground beef recipe.” However, though it’s not indicated … Read more

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