Gardein Ultimate Beefless Ground

After our disastrous fail in trying to make tacos with Beyond Meat, we decided to try Gardein’s Ultimate Beefless Ground and give it another go. This time, the results were grand.

Gardein has a great many products (most of them located in the freezer section), and this beefless ground is perfect for any recipe that calls for “beef.” Its texture is spot-on, and while a bit savory, it’s basically flavorless, so you can add whatever spice you want and it’ll come out exactly the way it should.

With this versatility and texture — and the fact that there is 87 percent less fat than regular beef, with zero cholesterol —  I can’t see why anyone would choose to eat meat from an animal. The Gardein also cooks up within only a few minutes, needing only has to be heated to your desired temperature. Some readers may also be happy to know that in addition to this product being vegan, it’s gluten-free and has only 120 calories per serving, with 18 grams of protein.

Kudos to Gardein for making veganism so easy — especially for those who like meat and who are transitioning to veganism. Delicious products like these make it so easy.