Ripple non-dairy creamer

When the food co-op ran out of my favorite creamer (Wildwood, which has been apparently been discontinued), I thought I’d give Ripple a try.

I wasn’t keen on the company’s use of plastic, and was even less impressed with the creamer itself. It was pleasantly sweet, but it also had a chalky taste and texture that didn’t mix well with coffee. Nor did it taste good with fresh strawberries (which Wildwood did; it was just about perfect). Ripple is soy-free, so this is an advantage for those who can’t have soy.

While I can’t recommend this one, I would highly recommend Trader Joe’s Soy Creamer if you’re looking for a vegan creamer in the gap left by Wildwood. The Trader Joe’s version is the next-best thing: rich, creamy, perfectly smooth.