Plant Perks Dill Havarti Cream Cheeze

It was fun to see this new cream cheeze from Plant Perks at our local natural-foods store, especially with one of our favorite herbs.

This cashew-based cream cheeze is thick and creamy; due to the flavor, we thought we’d try it on crackers first, but it was a little bland compared to other vegan cheeses like Treeline.

However, because it is labeled as “cream cheeze,” this is likely exactly how it’s meant to be enjoyed, so we tried it on a bagel. Much better!

Perhaps because this product is more creamy than zesty, it’s much better on bagels than on crackers…and it’s very good indeed for those who like flavored cream cheeses.

We are looking forward to trying additional flavors (which include garlic & herb, smoked gouda, chive, pepper jack, and many more), so stay tuned!