Violife Cheddar Slices

It’s been amazing to see Vioilfe products cropping up in our local grocery stores — so far, we’ve tried the feta and the cream cheese — and then we found the Just Like Cheddar slices.

These slices are among the best in vegan cheeses (the only one that comes close is Field Roast CHAO, and even those are better when flavored than plain). But these plain Violife slices are like American cheese slices: not especially flavorful but creamy and sort of buttery tasting. They have a slightly rubbery texture (but from what I remember of processed dairy cheese, don’t they all?), but there is absolutely no artificial or chemical or plastic taste that you get from some vegan cheeses; they are also not too sweet (which afflicts some vegan cheeses that are coconut-oil based).

These slices also melt really beautifully — the cheese becomes gooey and creamy just as it’s supposed to. These mild cheddar slices are perfect for sandwiches, and even more perfect for grilled cheese.