Violife Mature Cheddar

In our continuing coverage of Violife cheeses, we sampled “Just Like Mature Cheddar Slices.”

One of our tasters felt these slices were a little bland, preferring spicy Field Roast CHAO slices instead, but even if they are not truly cheddar-like — and especially for those who don’t want spice — these slices are simply a great vegan substitute for anything one might use cheese slices for: sandwiches, grilled cheese, wraps, paninis. Violife’s products are better than most in flavor and texture, so if you can find them locally, give them a try.

These slices are only very subtly different from the regular Violife cheddar slices, but there is a slightly deeper flavor to these “mature” slices. These slices are more similar to American cheese than actual cheddar, but they do have a nice texture and melt very well.