Cado Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

I was a bit skeptical when I saw this avocado-based ice cream from Cado in our local food co-op. (Avocados…really?)

However, I’ve always got an open mind when it comes to ice cream … so I brought home a pint of mint chocolate chip (also available are deep dark chocolate and simply lemon). It was worth it.

This avocado based dessert has a different texture than other vegan ice creams (made from nuts or coconut), but not in a bad way: It’s still smooth and creamy … the texture reminds me most of gelato.

The mint flavor of this variety is mild; it’s not overpowering but could be a little stronger and still be delicious — and as with most ice creams out there, there are far too few chocolate chips! (Or is it just me?)

I would probably choose Nada Moo Mint Chip over this one … but it’s definitely worth a try, and I’m looking forward to the deep dark chocolate flavor. Check out the website for nutritional values and more info, and keep an eye out for this as the summer keeps getting hotter!