Kite Hill Everything Cream Cheese

Having enjoyed other Kite Hill cream cheeses in the past (especially chive and jalapeño), we had to give this “everything” variety a try (despite our new loyalty to Violife‘s nearly perfect vegan cream cheese).

As fans of everything bagels, we thought this would be the perfect accompaniment … and it is indeed flavorful with its sesame and poppy seeds, as well as garlic and onion.

It also spreads beautifully on bagels, like other Kite Hill varieties. However, its chalky taste leaves much to be desired, and unlike the chive and jalapeño varieties, the flavors in this blend aren’t enough to overcome the chalky texture.

Despite this cream cheese being a fairly decent one, it still doesn’t compare to Violife‘s plain cream cheese, which is so perfectly delicious as it is that it doesn’t need strong flavors. (If you can’t find Violife yet locally, convince your supermarket to order you some!)