Unreal dark chocolate crispy gems

If you used to love M&Ms in your pre-vegan life — or if you’re a non-vegan who loves them — look no further than these dark chocolate crispy gems from Unreal. They are so much like M&Ms we had to check the package to be sure they’re vegan.

Even though these are dark chocolate, they are as sweet as the M&Ms I remember enjoying (and they go down just as quickly!).

I didn’t realize how much I missed eating M&Ms by the handful until I discovered these. (Unreal also makes these little gems in milk chocolate, which unfortunately are NOT vegan, so beware; the company isn’t entirely vegan so you’ll still have to read labels.)

As the Unreal website tells it, these chocolates were created by two brothers who wanted all the goodness of their favorite chocolates “without the bad stuff.” They have most definitely succeeded. And we hope you’ll do your part (we’re certainly planning to do ours) in helping them succeed by buying and enjoying as much of these (vegan) goodies as you can.