Violife Parmesan Cheese

We now have a new favorite Violife product — “Just Like Parmesan” cheese. This is truly one of the best parmesan substitutes out there.

Our cheese grater is not as fine as it should be for parmesan-style cheese, but it did the trick — especially since this Violife cheese isn’t quite as hard as “real” parmesan. Still, it’s a solid cheese, not at all squishy, and with a proper grater would’ve been all the more authentic.

This cheese is wonderful — richer and more flavorful than our other favorite from Follow Your Heart. This one is a bit more tangy, whereas the Follow Your Heart parmesan is a bit more salty (which also creates a nice flavor for pasta dishes).

Among us tasters, this Violife cheese won our hearts by a very narrow margin; both this and Follow Your Heart are terrific parmesan substitutes, and the differences are subtle (Follow Your Heart is certainly low maintenance, as it comes pre-grated). But you definitely can’t go wrong with either of these amazing vegan cheeses.