Unreal chocolate-covered peanuts

It was a delight to be in Berkeley recently and to shop at Vegan Republic (the all-vegan store that supports the sanctuary Animal Place); because everything in the store is vegan, there is no need to read labels when you find something wonderful (from food to clothing to cosmetics). And so, when I glimpsed these Unreal candies, several packages went into my shopping cart.

These are, essentially, the vegan version of peanut M&Ms, and among us three experienced tasters, we all agreed that they are even better than the original. Not only are these completely cruelty free, they are also non-GMO and fair trade. And, most important of all, they are delicious.

(And, while this may be a bit shallow, we also liked the colors.)

If you’ve never tried these before, you can find them at many stores, depending on where you live, or online; click here for where to find them. And don’t delay … they are worth it!