Just Cookie Dough

Though we are still desperately searching for Just Mayo, we did discover this new item in our local grocer’s freezer.

This product is, of course, for baking, but when (after thawing it out in the fridge) we had a taste of this cookie dough straight from the container, it didn’t last long enough to make cookies. It’s delicious eaten with a spoon — thick, doughy, lots of chocolate chips. And, of course, 100% vegan!

We had to go buy more with which to bake cookies (we ate about a third of the container raw, and baked with what was left). The cookies are easy to make and turned out beautifully: thin, somehow both a little chewy and a little crispy, and they quite literally do melt in your mouth.

If you like a thicker cookie, you might try experimenting with the baking process, but we loved how these thin ones turned out, as did our omnivorous friends who enjoyed them.

This is a product we’ll keep in the freezer — always — because it’s delicious both as a cold dessert and as cookies. (It would also be great mixed with vanilla ice cream, in a sundae…and so much more!)