Kite Hill Greek Style Yogurt

We are already fans of Kite Hill’s almond-milk yogurt (and so many other Kite Hill products), and were glad to find this new Greek style variety in our local grocery.

We chose two to sample: Vanilla Unsweetened and Strawberry.

Both varieties are thick and creamy, and everything you could want in a Greek-style yogurt. As advertised, the vanilla is not sweet; it’s great for those who don’t want extra sugar (this one has only 2 grams per serving). For those who do like a sweeter yogurt, the strawberry flavor was much more to our liking, with its 12 grams of sugar.

It’s wonderful to continue seeing vegan yogurts out there; they now nearly outnumber dairy yogurts in some of our local grocers. With the varieties and flavors available, we hope to see these vegan yogurts take over completely one day.