Tom Bumble Peanut Butter Chocolates

These Tom Bumble chocolates, handmade in Oregon, are simply the best ever for chocolate/peanut butter lovers.

These amazing candies (they are the vegan version of Butterfinger bars) come in smooth and nutty, both equally delicious.

Both varieties have a light coating of melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate, and both are crunchy and absolutely sublime.

These chocolates are made in Oregon, and are become more widely available — the other good news is that you can also order them online. Thanks to one of our devoted tasters doing just that, we also got to sample the hazelnut and rosemary confection; “Ezra Cash,” which is cardamom and black pepper; and Lou Whistle, described perfectly on the website: “Molasses and pecans come together in a luxe chocolate wrapper and deliver flavors of buttery pecan pie in a soft and satisfying chew, without any dairy at all.”

These are vegan chocolates worth getting your hands on; as far as we can see, all varieties are vegan … and the ones we’ve sampled are fantastic.