Trader Joe’s Vegan Ranch Dip

It was so exciting to see this Vegan Ranch Dip at our local Trader Joe’s. (In general, we enjoy so many of Trader Joe’s amazing vegan options, from tofu and tempeh to cookies and chocolate … and finding yet another vegan snack item is beyond fantastic.)

Our first thought upon trying this dip was that it didn’t taste at all like ranch dip. However, we (naturally) kept eating, and were happy to discover that we liked it anyway. Once we got over the expectation of ranch flavors, we enjoyed it very much (well, one of us did; the other couldn’t actually get over the this-isn’t-ranch issue). The predominant herb is dill, so if you love dill, this dip is for you.

It’s delicious with veggies, and especially with potato chips — and it would be great on baked potatoes, in pasta salads, and so much more. The texture is light (a bit watery, so be sure to stir before eating) but still creamy, and it’s very flavorful.

Again, if you’re okay with the fact that it’s not going to taste much like ranch (this dip from Good Karma is much more ranchy), then give it a try.