Oatly Oat Milk

What a thrill to find Oatly‘s delicious oat milk locally (and since we first found it at our local co-op, it’s cropped up in several more locations…a great sign)!

We haven’t devoted a lot of time on this blog to plant milks, especially since there are so many, and the tastes are so varied; also, their uses are so varied it’s hard to review them — some are good for recipes, some for smoothies. There have been a few exceptions, when a nut milk (like this cashew milk we reviewed) is good enough for cereal or to drink plain. And Oatly is one of those very few delicious ones.

Even those of us who haven’t had a glass of milk in years (and haven’t missed it) enjoy drinking Oatly: it’s creamy — nice and smooth but not too rich or thick — and has a wonderful flavor that isn’t too sweet or too nutty; it simply tastes milky. And this means the original Oatly works not only for cereal and smoothies and for drinking straight from the carton — but also for recipes, since it’s not sweetened.

And if the flavor and awesomeness of this product wasn’t enough (which it is), this article in The Guardian (which notes: “One thing is clear. All milk alternatives are far better for the planet than dairy”) has us convinced that we need not look any further for our plant milk: Oat milk is by far the most environmentally friendly plant milk out there. While soy milk is also a good option — and all plant milks are better than dairy — oat milk is the environmental winner. And this makes us all the happier to enjoy it.

We’ve only had this regular version; Oatly also offers a full-fat version, and chocolate oat milk. We can’t wait to try them!