Steve’s Dairy Free Ice cream

It was lovely (even in this chilly weather) to find several dairy-free flavors of Steve’s ice cream in our local grocery’s freezer.

We sampled Chocolate Salty Caramel, Moroccan Mash Up, and Cold-Brewed Cinnamon Coffee. All are coconut based, and all are delicious.

The Chocolate Salty Caramel is creamy and lovely, with swirls of rich caramel — definitely a winner for those who love these flavors. The Cold-Brewed Cinnamon Coffee flavor was a favorite as well; the cinnamon adds a wonderful spice to this coffee ice cream (though the added spice may not appeal to all coffee ice-cream lovers).

The best surprise was the Moroccan Mash Up, which sounds very odd but is a wonderful blend of coconut ice cream, pomegranate, and almonds. (NOTE: We discovered upon closer reading of the label that this flavor is not vegan, as it contains honey.)

We are so glad to see ice-cream companies making dairy-free flavors available, and Steve’s are definitely worth checking out (do read labels carefully, though, to be sure you’re getting a vegan product!).