Oatly Chocolate Ice Cream

We were so thrilled to have found such a wonderful plant milk in Oatly, you can only imagine our joy at finding this Oatly ice cream (aka “frozen dessert”).

This vegan ice cream is oat-based, of course, and includes coconut oil, which accounts for its amazingly smooth, creamy texture. Like Oatly plant milk, it’s just about perfect.

One of our tasters found it absolutely perfect; the other wished it was more flavorful and felt it wasn’t as chocolatey as it perhaps could be. (But how is this really a problem, when Trader Joe’s whipped topping can be added to make it completely perfect?)

Yet there are myriad other flavors available, including strawberry, vanilla, mint chip, coffee, chocolate chip, and “oat” (which makes us very curious). And of course we look forward to trying them all.