Totes Oats Real Real Chocolate Ice Cream

We were so excited to see several new vegan ice creams at our local grocer, including Totes Oats, which we promptly bought in Real Real Chocolate.

This delicious vegan ice cream is from Hakuna Brands, which makes a variety of “nice creams,” some of which are banana-based. Totes Oats are oatmilk based, with a bit of coconut cream, and sweetened with dates. The texture is a bit like gelato — more icy than creamy, but with all the richness and decadence.

The Real Real Chocolate has chocolate chunks throughout, and the deeply rich chocolate flavor makes it as satisfying as any thicker or creamer ice cream.

We look forward to trying the Peanut Butter Monster flavor next …. as well as the Hakuna Banana varieties (which include strawberry, banana spice, and cashew cookie dough, among others).