Kate’s Ice Cream

Back in February — just before the pandemic closed down life, and long before ice-cream season — we had the great fortune of discovering Kate’s Ice Cream while visiting Oregon Bark in Portland … Kate’s kitchen is a couple doors down from Oregon Bark (this area is a hub of vegan goodness!).

Kate invited us into her kitchen, where we stood back and watched her finish a batch of marionberry cobbler.

We knew we had to take home at least a few pints, and fortunately she had myriad flavors ready to go in her freezer. We took home a wonderful assortment …

We found it nearly impossible to choose a favorite, but the marionberry cobbler won in the end (maybe it was the magic of seeing it made … but truly, it’s fantastic, with sweet marionberries and crispy cobbler and rich, creamy vanilla ice cream).

Our second favorite was the insanely decadent salted peanut butter brittle, which is salty and peanutty and gorgeous. We all loved the triple chocolate brownie and the mint chocolate fudge (a bit icier than the rest), and noted that none of these flavors are too sweet; they are just right. We thought the pink sprinkle cake in particular would be on the sweet side, but despite the pink ice cream (made with cashew milk and coconut cream) and the abundant chunks of (gluten-free) chocolate cake, it was perfect.

Visit Kate online and on Instagram … and whether you live near or far, you can order ice cream (and waffle cones) online here.