Hakuna Banana Ice Cream

Along with Totes Oats, Hakuna Banana offers myriad vegan options; whereas Totes Oats is oatmilk-based, this variety is made of bananas.

Of the varieties at our local grocery, we opted for Choco Choco Chip (other flavors include strawberry, peanut butter chip, and “banilla”).

The Choco Choco Chip flavor has a slightly icy texture and isn’t quite as rich as the chocolate Totes Oats version. However, we do love that it’s sweetened with dates and made with organic chocolate … and there are plenty of big chocolate chips in every bite.

If you love bananas, this ice cream is for you (and those who don’t like bananas will probably not fall in love). While Hakuna Banana may not be as creamy as some nut- or coconut-based vegan ice creams, it has lots of banana flavor. In this case, chocolate and banana are a wonderful combination.