Partake vegan cookies

We were delighted to find this vegan cookie company, Partake Foods — whose products are not only vegan but allergy friendly all around — and also to find that the cookies are wonderful.

We ordered more than a dozen boxes, some of which we gifted to fellow vegans and cookie lovers, but we did sample a few ourselves — among them, triple chocolate and double chocolate chip — and they were great.

We found that we liked the crunchy cookies better; the soft-baked cookies were a little crumbly (which made them perfect for crushing over ice cream), but the crunchy ones were perfect in texture.

The soft-baked cookies (on the top row, above) didn’t have the little candies as the package indicates, but they did have chocolate chips; we actually found it hard to distinguish between the two varieties. Not that this is a problem — both are chocolatey and delicious. When I order again, though, I’ll stick with the crunchy versions.

And if chocolate isn’t for you — or if you want to go above and beyond — there are many other varieties to choose from including carrot cake, gingersnap, cookie butter, and birthday cake. And yes, we look forward to trying them all … eventually.