Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream

We were delighted to try Craig’s vegan ice cream, special-ordered from LA and shipped to Southern Oregon.

Craig’s Killa’ Vanilla (“Classic Vanilla Infused With Madagascar Vanilla Bean”) is perfection. It’s creamy and very flavorful, with little specks of vanilla bean. It beautifully topped the apple pie pictured in the background, above.

The other flavor we sampled, Kursten’s PB Krunch, pictured above, had a truly authentic peanut flavor (in a good way!), though it wasn’t very strong; those who want a very peanut-buttery flavor may find it lacking.

And while one reviewer felt the “chocolate chunks” could have been “chunkier,” another felt they offered just the right amount of chocolate and crunch.

The good news about an ice cream without an overwhelming flavor is that you can just add toppings! Which is exactly what we did, with some of our Partake chocolate cookies.