2-Fer Vegan “Twix” Chocolate Bars

This 2-Fer from Go Max Go Foods is like a vegan Twix. Which is to say: If you’re a vegan who once loved Twix, you must try these candy bars.

The candy bars don’t come in pairs but as one thinner, wider bar — and the main difference is that these candies have dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. So, the taste is slightly different … but no less delicious, with its shortbread cookie and tons of gooey caramel.

Go Max Go has a list of locations where you can find their products — but if you can’t get to a grocer that carries these (or a vegan grocery like Food Fight, where I first discovered them), you can find them online at Vegan Essentials (a wonderful online store for a great many vegan products — we highly recommend them).