Jokerz Vegan “Snickers” Candy Bar

For anyone missing Snickers bars from their pre-vegan days, this Jokerz candy bar from Go Max Go Foods is almost exactly like the real thing.

I first discovered them at Food Fight in Portland, Oregon, where I bought about half a dozen. Needless to say, this tiny number didn’t last me very long … which is why I was thrilled to learn I could buy them online from Vegan Essentials, which offers a range of vegan products, from foods to clothing to cleaning supplies.

But, back to the chocolate! This candy bar is so much like a Snickers I imagine even omnivores would embrace it. However, for vegans who are accustomed to eating plain dark chocolate for a chocolate fix, this is an amazing treat, with the caramel, peanuts, and and peanutty nougat.

Note that it’s nearly impossible to eat just one … so when you purchase, think ahead. (I ordered a whole case online, and I don’t regret it for a moment.)