Unreal crispy dark chocolate peanut butter cups

These Unreal candies are well named; they are so unbelievably delicious we can hardly believe they are vegan (and non-GMO, and fair trade, and so on; visit the website for more info).

This bag of peanut butter cups contains wrapped candies (too bad about all the extra packaging, but it’s understandable, given that they’d all melt together otherwise), and each little gem is just about perfect.

The chocolate is delicious, and the peanut butter is both peanut-buttery and crispy, with a little of that sugary-sweet taste that you may remember from Reese’s peanut butter cups.

There are a lot of good vegan chocolates and candies out there, but these are among the very best ever if you’re looking for a nearly exact replica of the chocolates you grew up on and thought you’d never taste again in your vegan lifetime. Unreal’s candies are all of that and so much more. (Don’t miss Unreal’s vegan “peanut M&Ms” as well as their regular vegan “M&Ms”!)

And click here for where to find these amazing vegan candies yourself!