Trader Joe’s Vegan Mac

How much do we adore Trader Joe’s for consistently introducing new vegan products? It seems that every time we visit, we discover something new … and this time, it’s the Vegan Mac, just in time for comfort-food weather.

This vegan mac and cheese isn’t, sadly, the very best — but we’re still thrilled to see it available and to know that Trader Joe’s is bringing such products to its stores.

The mac and cheese comes ready to go and only needs to be reheated. We did this on the stove top, and it didn’t come out looking very appetizing.

However, while the sauce looks rather gummy in the photo above, it’s actually very creamy, which is great. It doesn’t have a truly cheesy flavor and in fact is quite peppery … for one of our tasters who loves pepper, this was a very good thing. And because the pasta is precooked and sitting in there with the sauce, it’s not exactly al dente, so be aware.

We ended up mixing the mac and cheese with some spinach and topping it with Violife Parmesan Cheese, and it was much better this way. So this dish might be a better foundation for a meal rather than a meal of its own.

So, while it’s not the best vegan mac and cheese out there, it can be dressed up pretty nicely — and if you like a peppery pasta, you might give it a try.