Beyond Meat breakfast sausages

Beyond Meat continues to amaze with its incredibly delicious products, and these breakfast sausages are no exception.

There is also a “classic” version, but our supermarket only had the “spicy” variety, and we can’t imagine them any other way: the spice isn’t overwhelming but just the right amount of kick (and while these sausages may be too authentic for some vegans, they will be perfect for omnivores).

These sausages are in the freezer and are to be kept frozen until read to eat; once you’re ready, they take only two minutes on the stove to prepare (microwaving is not recommended). We cooked them along with a tofu scramble because we had a vegan hollandaise sauce on the other burner — and with fresh bread, it turned out to be a delicious breakfast.

If you love breakfast sausage, look no further — and especially if you’re a new vegan or still on your way, these are an amazing substitute, and you’ll never look back.

You might also try Beyond Meat’s giant sausages, reviewed here — and here’s the review of the “hot Italian” version. All are incredible.