Miyoko’s Oat Milk Butter

Miyoko Schinner has always been our hero for all the amazing vegan cheeses, butters, and spreads that she has created at Miyoko’s Creamery.

The latest to come to our local grocery is Oat Milk Butter, and it’s delicious. As always, it’s decadent and creamy; the flavor is a little different from the Vegan Cultured Butter that we love; it has a sort of tangy aspect to it, but its packaging is also much easier to access and spread. In the end, it’s a pretty wonderful vegan butter. Best of all, it has no palm oil, so there are no ethical concerns about this versus other vegan butters that do contain palm oil.

And the Garlic Parm is even beyond wonderful, if you’re looking for flavor; the spices are so good that it creates instant garlic bread. And it’s absolutely amazing melted over popcorn (even better if it’s topped with vegan parmesan cheese).

Miyoko’s products, especially these, prove that there is absolutely no need for butter made from animals. If you haven’t tried Miyoko’s butters yet, try them and you’ll see.