Forager Cheezy Greens

Forager has a long list of wonderful vegan products (we love their cashew yogurt), including snacks like these Cheezy Greens.

These chips are made from brown rice, kale and spinach, sesame seeds, and ancient grains, which sort of makes them a health food (or so we like to believe). They are thin and not very crispy, but still satisfying. (And still very hard to stop eating until you see the bottom of the bag.)

These cheezy chips are much better than the plain chips we first sampled, but they don’t come close to Beanfields chips in terms of flavor. But if you’re looking for a milder snack, these Cheezy Greens might be for you. (We still maintain, however, that Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar puffs rule the vegan cheese snack world.)