Oatzarella Chipotle Pepper

We were happy to find a new vegan cheese at our local grocery: Oatzarella, which comes in blocks and shreds. We decided to sample a block of the chipotle pepper flavor.

The cheese, whose ingredients include oat milk, olive oil, and tapioca flour, has the consistency of gelatin: soft, squishy, and vaguely greasy.

It also didn’t have any flavor at all, which one would expect from a product labeled “chipotle pepper.” On the container, the only spices listed were “organic spices” and “garlic powder,” which explains why it’s so bland.

The brand is organic and prides itself on being allergy-friendly, so the limited ingredients would likely appeal to those with allergy-related limits. However, for vegans with no allergies, this is a disappointment in flavor and texture. As much as we hate to negatively review any product — we are so thrilled and grateful for all the magnificent vegan products out there, and for those who create them! — we don’t want anyone who may be new to veganism to try this and to think that this is the best that the vegan cheese world has to offer. (Read more on this blog to learn otherwise!)

Perhaps Oatzarilla will improve, and those with strict diets can certainly give it a try, but if you’re in the mood for a great vegan spreadable cheese, click here or here for a few more tasty options.