“Vegan cheese is definitely activism”

Vegan cheese lovers, don’t miss the latest issue of VegNews magazine — not only is it the “Best of Vegan” issue, but there’s also a marvelous interview with Miyoko Schinner of Miyoko’s Creamery.

The entire interview is fantastic, and my favorite part is when Miyoko says that “vegan cheese is definitely activism. In fact, I think it’s one of the highest forms of activism because one of the most effective ways of reaching people is through their taste buds — through their stomachs.”

Cheers to THAT!

This is significant because not every vegan can be a sign-carrying, marching, protesting type of activist. The animals need every type of advocacy we can give them … and it’s good to remember that sharing vegan food and showing by example how amazing it is can be a wonderful way to change the world and its eating habits.

As Miyoko says in the interview, “I didn’t want to be the one out there with a sign saying, ‘Meat Kills,’ because I didn’t want to antagonize the world. What I wanted to do was invite the world in, to a place where they could embrace beauty and compassion and peace. I felt the best way to do that was through food.”

Great thanks to Miyoko Schinner for all her amazing products and for getting rid of the entire “but I’d miss cheese too much” excuse for not going vegan. Here’s to making a difference, whatever your form of activism — remember that sharing compassionate food will in turn spread compassion itself.