Siete grain-free tortilla chips

When we saw these at the food co-op on sale, we pounced. It’s always fun to try a new vegan snack, especially a nacho-cheese flavored one.

These chips from Siete Family Foods are made with cassava flour and avocado oil, and they are light and crunchy. The nacho flavor has a hint of lime and is flavorful without being too spicy.

Other flavors include sea salt and lime, and the company also makes hot sauce, tortillas (from almond flour, cassava flour, and chickpea flour), and cashew-based queso. All of which we will be seeking out to try.

Siete Family Foods was inspired by the healing nature of foods; all products are grain-free, and most are vegan. Here’s a little more from the website:

Siete Family Foods is a mission-based company, and we’re passionate about making and sharing real food, gathering together in authentic community, and advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families.

Visit the website to find locations near you where you can find Siete foods….a fabulous new addition to your vegan snack cupboard!