Daiya Ice Cream

Daiya has long been a staple for so many vegan items — and now they have ice cream, which we’ve just discovered in our local grocery.

So far, there are three three flavors — Triple Fudge Chunk, Salted Caramel Chip, and Classic Vanilla Creme. We tried the chocolate and caramel varieties to start.

The Triple Fudge Chunk is lovely — a rich, coconut-cream based ice cream with fava-bean protein that is great on its own but made all the better with gooey chocolate sauce and chocolate chunks in every bite.

The Salted Caramel Chip is also delicious; the flavor is more butterscotch than caramel (but we consider this a GOOD thing), and it’s a little more icy than creamy compared to other brands…but still, its unique butterscotchy flavor makes this one a winner.

We look forward to sampling vanilla one of these days …. but in the meantime, as summer weather approaches, it’s good to be prepared with ice cream, and these are well worth stocking for summer.