Trader Joe’s Spicy Cashew Dressing

It can be easy to overlook the vegan dressings at Trader Joe’s — but make a point of checking them out! I’m glad I did. And if you want something creamy and spicy for a salad or dip, look no further than the Spicy Cashew Butter dressing.

Ginger and red chili peppers give this dressing its zing (and though you’ll see cilantro on the label, those who loathe cilantro needn’t worry too much; we could hardly taste it). The cashew butter makes the dressing rich and creamy (it was great on an actual salad, but it would also be lovely on baked potatoes, over steamed veggies — there’s just no end to the possibilities!).

Next time you visit Trader Joe’s, check out the vegan dressings in the produce section; they’re all in these tall, skinny bottles. Enjoy!