Let There Be Hemp Chips

We were intrigued to see these Let There Be Hemp tortilla chips in the grocery, and of course couldn’t resist trying them in both vegan ranch and nacho flavors.

Made with hemp seeds and cassava flour, these chips don’t taste like any tortilla chip you’ve had before; they are, in fact, nearly impossible to describe. (And we’ve given it quite a bit of thought.) They are crispy and flavorful, and one word that comes to mind is green. They don’t taste especially hempy, but they do taste far more earthy than most chips out there.

The vegan ranch flavor didn’t have the classic ranch taste you may be looking for, but the chips are still salty and well-spiced, so you can’t go wrong. The nacho flavor is a bit spicier and probably more familiar — but again, these chips really do defy description (though in a good way).

For vegans, it’s always great to find chips in such flavors as nacho and ranch. These chips are also free of soy, nuts, corn, and grain, so they’re a good choice for those with certain food allergies as well. Since they’re a snack high in protein and fiber, it’s also very convenient to consider them a health food (especially since they are so addictive). If you’re looking for something really different, we’d recommend giving these a try!