Oatly “Oatgurt”

Finally…we found Oatly’s version of vegan yogurt in one of our local stores. Given how much we adore all things Oatly, we’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

And we were not disappointed. We sampled the peach and strawberry flavors (click here for the other available flavors).

This oatmilk-based yogurt is creamy, with the fruit on the bottom; it’s not very sweet until you stir it up. And in fact, it’s not nearly as sweet as other vegan yogurts out there, though it does have the tangy, yogurty taste of “real” yogurt.

But its not-so-sweetness isn’t necessarily a bad thing — so many yogurts have tons of added sugar (among the ones we’ve sampled, whose sugar content varies by flavor, Silk yogurts contain up to 17 grams, So Delcicious 18 grams, Kite Hill 14 grams, and Daiya from 13 to 15 grams). Oatly is a bit lower in sugar by comparison (11 grams of sugar in strawberry, 12 grams in peach), especially if you like the fruit-at-the-bottom variety, which comes with bits of fruit. And if you don’t want the added sugar, Oatly’s plain variety has only 7 grams of sugar.

It’s always wonderful to see yet another vegan product in the fridge, especially another by Oatly.