Just Egg Folded Eggs

Having tried Just Egg liquid without much luck doing anything but scrambles (not that there’s anything wrong with a good scramble), we were thrilled to learn from a new friend that these Just Egg folded eggs are available locally. (Note to vegans: Always hang out with fellow local vegans to learn about such things, and also, be sure to go through every aisle of your local grocery stores at least once a month just so you won’t miss anything. I think these Just Egg folds were sitting there for ages before we discovered them. And already I’m regretting every moment I was not eating them.)

These vegan egg folds, which come frozen, are simply the best. Truly. And so easy — you can cook them on the stove top, but even better, you can put them in the toaster or microwave. We paired ours with homemade bread, a slice of Violife cheese, and Beyond Meat sausage patties for an incredible breakfast sandwich.

These sandwiches were perfection — but check out the Just Egg website for many more recipes for these amazing little eggy folds (as well as the regular Just Egg liquid eggs).

On a happy nutritional side note, each fold has 7 grams of protein, which is more than a chicken egg — with none of the cruelty or cholesterol.