Be Leaf Vegan Bacon

Be Leaf vegan bacon is made from soy and wheat protein, and when we saw it next to the Just Egg folds in the freezer we had to try it on our next breakfast sandwich.

We haven’t had much experience with vegan bacon, but we were hopeful as this product smells just like what we remembered as we cooked it. However, the texture is thick (“like cardboard,” said one taster) and not crispy — though this could be because of our cooking method; if this bacon were cooked with more oil, or on a grill, that might create a crispier texture.

The flavor is mildly bacon-like, and while we couldn’t imagine eating it plain, it did go nicely in our vegan egg sandwiches, and it would likely be a great addition to any soup or salad that needs a bacon flavor. You can find this product in the freezer section, so it’s easy to keep on hand for various culinary needs.

We’d certainly try Be Leaf again, as some of the products look intriguing; other Be Leaf meatless products include vegan fried eggs, drumsticks, chicken, shrimp, and more.