Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon

Now that have discovered the Just Egg folded eggs in our local grocer’s freezer, we are eating egg sandwiches daily, and always looking for a new faux meat produce to add. While we enjoyed Be Leaf Vegan Bacon, we are still on a quest for a more perfect version. We saw Sweet Earth’s Benevolent Bacon and thought we’d give it a try.

We found this faux bacon in the refrigerated section (Sweet Earth has a frozen version as well), and the fact that it was cold and not frozen made its preparation quick (always a plus!). However, most of the pieces fell apart in the pan (even when cooked with oil), and they never got crispy. In fact, they were quite flabby even after more than the recommended cooking time.

The flavor is not bacon-like; it’s smoky, and more like barbecue sauce than anything resembling bacon. The slices were fine on our sandwiches (because it’s impossible to ruin a Just Egg sandwich, pictured here with Chao tomato-cayenne cheese), but if you’re looking for a more authentic vegan bacon, this one isn’t quite there, either in texture or flavor.