Lightlife Smart Bacon

In our continuing quest to find the best vegan bacon, we’ve come across one that is our current favorite: Lightlife Smart Bacon.

This faux bacon gets crispier than any of the other versions (if you stop just short of burning the slices), and they also have a good bacon-like flavor (though Be Leaf is definitely more bacony, for those who are looking for an authentic flavor at the expense of crispy texture).

If you’re looking for crunch, that’s the best part about these vegan slices; we’ve been unable to find the same crispiness in other products so far. The only issue we have with these is that once they are crisp, they can be quite dry, unless you cook them in plenty of oil.

So, we’ll continue our search for the perfect vegan bacon … but in the meantime we’ll be keeping this in the fridge for our Just Egg sandwiches!