Plant Snacks Beet with Vegan Goat Cheese

With New Year’s Eve coming up, we thought we’d focus on snacks. These Plant Snacks were on sale and so we decided to try them, even though the phrase “vegan goat cheese” sounded a bit odd.

Yet these snacks turned out to be delicious. Made with cassava root flour, the chips are light and crispy and free of most allergens (including gluten, dairy, corn, and tree nuts, among others). While the beet flavor didn’t come through, the goat cheese flavor did — and this was interesting indeed for snackers who haven’t tasted goat cheese in well over a decade. It’s a terrific snack for both vegans and non-vegans alike.

A visit to the Plant Snacks website (where you can order online) will tell you what other flavors are available, including a few of our own favorite flavors: vegan cheddar, salt & vinegar, and vegan ranch.

After deciding that these snacks were a winner, we returned to the grocery store to find a few other flavors. Even better than these beet snacks are vegan ranch — a perfect ranch flavor, with plenty of cassava crunch — and jalapeño flavor, which has just the right amount of spice. We look forward to trying even more (lime, sea salt, and super seed, to name a few).