Impossible Chicken Nuggets

You can imagine our joy when we saw these vegan Impossible Chicken Nuggets at our local Trader Joe’s.

We immediately bought a vast quantity and cooked them up as soon as we could. They are in the freezer section and can be microwaved, cooked on a skillet, or cooked in the oven. We used our toaster oven so they’d be nice and crispy.

These Impossible nuggets are among the very best we’ve had; they get so crispy (many other brands don’t), and they’re nicely breaded for that fast-food feel, if that’s what you are going for, and who isn’t when it comes to chicken nuggets? They are perfect for dipping in just about any vegan sauce … but they’re also tasty enough to eat plan.

Run, don’t walk! We’re so glad that Impossible is making such delicious vegan faux meats, and we’re even more glad that Trader Joe’s keeps bringing on more vegan options.